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  • 13 FEATURES IN ONE MULTITOOL – spring loaded multi pliers, scissors, wire cutter and wire stripper, large folding blade, large saw, philips and slotted screwdrivers, can and bottle opener, scraper blade, awl.
  • PERFECT STYLISH MULTI TOOL WITH MICARTA HANDLE FOR EVERYTHING - Camping, Hunting, Survival, Emergency, Army, Military, Outdoor & DIY Activities. It is also easy to use as a car multi-tool and will not take a lot of space. The handles are made of micarta material, only high-quality materials, stylish design, comfortable, reliable and durable construction.
  • 440C STAINLESS STEEL - is considered to be the most optimal for survival knife, hunting knife and pocket multitool manufacturing for almost half a century if we take into account the ratio of price and quality. Balanced composition of the steel ensures long-term operation without sharpening, good resistance to rust and high durability, it has high-quality factory sharpening and is the best gift idea for men. It’s a useful, high-quality and durable multi-tool gadget that every man dreams about.
  • COMES WITH FREE SHEATH - this is all in one multi purpose knife and you’ll want to take it everywhere with you. The multitool sheath lets you carry it on the belt.


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